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All our VPN accounts come with 

256-Bit AES Military Grade Encryption

Military grade encryption refers to what’s called AES-256 encryption. Short for Advanced Encryption Standard, it was the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) to protect information at a “Top Secret” level. It is now widely-accepted as the strongest encryption there is – and used by governments, militaries, banks and other organizations across the world to protect sensitive data.

Dedicated DNS

All our VPN servers use dedicated DNS. By default the VPN servers will use our Ads Blocking DNS servers however if you don’t want Ads Blocking you can just change the DNS server ( check our FAQ page )
No Logging Policy

We are all about privacy and internet freedom and so we do NOT keep any kind of activity logs on our servers. 

EU and US data collection laws do not apply to our current location and so we are not obligated to keep any kind of personal data (browsing, surfing, downloads and so on).


Multiple VPN Protocols
AnonVPN currently supports this protocols: SoftEther, OpenVPN and L2TP over IPSec

Use the SoftEther VPN client to connect from Windows to any of our VPN servers and to our VPN Clusters.

For installation instructions please go to the “How to page“.

The VPN Clusters only support SoftEther client conections.

The OpenVPN client

Supported by most operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android and DD-WRT.

Please note, OpenVPN does NOT work with the AnonVPN cluster. The cluster only supports SoftEther connections. 

Anonymous Payments

You can pay with cryptocurrency using our Bitpay gateway or the Electroneum payment gateway. We also accept PayPal for traditional payment method.