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What is a VPN cluster and how it works?

VPN Clustering How AnonVPN Cluster works: Each cluster is formed by one controller and multiple cluster members. Each member is basicly a linux server (VPS or Dedicated) connected to the cluster controller.  When a user connects to the cluster the controller will decide on what cluster member (server) that user lands. The Read more…


What is the “Max. Connections” limit ?

The maximum connections limit is set to limit the number of concurrent connections for each VPN account. Let’s say you have a limit of 3 connections, this means that you can have 3 concurrent (at the same time) connections to each VPN server.


What is the “speed limit” ?

The “speed limit” is our way to limit the VPN accounts. Other VPN providers limit the amount of bandwidth used by the user, once that limit is reached the provider will suspend or overcharge your VPN. We do not limit the amount of bandwidth or traffic, we only limit the Read more…