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VPN Clustering

How AnonVPN Cluster works:

Each cluster is formed by one controller and multiple cluster members. Each member is basicly a linux server (VPS or Dedicated) connected to the cluster controller. 

When a user connects to the cluster the controller will decide on what cluster member (server) that user lands. The controller will check the other cluster members (servers) and based on the load of the other members will make a decision.

All the cluster members have different public IP’s, each time a user connects to the cluster will probably have a different public IP.

Using a VPN Cluster has multiple advantages:

Increased anonymity (each time you connect your public IP will probably be different)

Increased download / upload speed (our clusters are in bridge mode, speeds are better then in NAT mode)

Increased uptime & stability (if the cluster server that you are connected to goes offline for any reason the cluster member will automatically reconnect you to another server)